NEW Theme Song for Degrassi’s Season 11

24 Jun

Today, The Stohn debuted Degrassi Season 11’s theme song and although I didn’t like some parts, in which i will discuss, I really liked it and they did a fantastic job with it.

The singing for all the theme songs I start out hating. So I can’t entirely dislike or judge Alex Johnson’s vocals in this promo. Lets wait til later on in the summer for it to sink in. The only thing I can say for now is that her version sounded like season’s 1-3s theme for some reason.

The title sequence (video) was what you hip and relatable people would call “Perf.” It was surprising, however that the new characters (except for Mo of course) were in the opening. The biggest thing I gained from the theme was that CHANTAY IS GRADUATING. YAY!

Well, maybe not the biggest thing, because Drew got the logo shot. This part doesn’t make sense. And before you attack me and say, “How could you say that? He’s so hawwwwwwtttt!” give me a legitimate answer to why he should have the Degrassi logo. I’m trying to keep my personal feeling towards the actor that plays Drew out of this, but obviously it won’t work, but here’s my attempt at trying: This is Drew’s second year on the show. That’s all I need to say. Is he a Marco, an Emma’s ass or Alli-worthy? NO! Unless he’s dying, which we all know he will be, then I can see why they’d put him with the logo. Until then I’ll just be imagining Momma Bilyk crying herself to sleep because of the 16-year old “man” she has created.

Back to my main point, Good theme. [I make myself laugh sometimes.]

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