Thoughts behind the NEW Degrassi: Now or Never Promo

19 Jun was lucky enough to get this TeenNick promo a little early and it being less than a month away from the Season 11 premiere, boy am I a happy MAN with this promo.

FINALLY! We’ll be getting a legitimate death storyline. Even if no one actually dies, the possibility of someone croaking is exciting! Its about time someone dies. It looks like Bianca has a stalker, probably an ex-boyfriend or someone not pleased with her performance in the boiler room. Either way it looks like Drew will try to stand up for her, but when faced against three men, fails. I loved the way TeenNick did this promo. Showed evidence that s*** is goin down as opposed to making us think it is. My opinion if Drew dies is this: One less douchebag guy left on this planet. Don’t care for Drew. 1) he has my woman. 2) he deserves what he gets and 3)If someone has to die, let it be Drew! And Drianca is one of the worst couples ever. They are horrible for each other. Drew isn’t into what she’s into (except sexual favors from Bianca and who isnt, right?) and Bianca is just asking to get cheated on. Though myself and Bianca would make fantastic children someday. With that said, horrible for each other? yes! Drew deserves everything that is coming to him? Maybe! The most anticipated storyline since Wheelchair Jimmy? Most definitely! Can’t wait!

As for other storylines in the promo:
Anya’s surprise: This is obviously a birthday surprise which will likely make way for the Dr. Chris and Anya storyline. Ya know, the 25 year old dude and the soon-to-be 18 year old who want to bang?…legally? Well I’m rooting for Dr. Chris, not for any other reason than the fact that he’s 25 and breaking the Degrassi dating rule (half your age + 7). It gives me hope.

Keke Palmer/Sav:
Don’t know what to make of this since its only going to be for one episode. Not interested in seeing a fling on Degrassi.

Bianca and Drew getting it on:
Sure the first time is awkward, so why not get that done with? My heart broke when I saw Bianca and Drew. I read some comments on that were like “I literally puked when I saw them together.” Well if my heart could throw up, it would have. I believe that Drew will feel even more protective of Bianca after this happens and will then lead into the dramatic ending of Drew’s possible death.

KC’s groin needs to stop making decisions:
Honestly, we all knew KC was going to cheat or at least think of cheating again. Last time he cheated with Jenna, so it only makes sense that he cheats with…Marisol? Come on! I’d feel bad for Jenna (or any other girl who would be in a cheating situation) if it wasn’t for the fact that Jenna stole KC away from Clare. What else do you expect? Ladies, some advice: Guys are cheaters. If they get away with it once, they’ll do it again. It will definitely make for an interesting storyline though. FEAR BITCH JENNA’S WRATH!

Clare/Jake & Eli/Imogen
Aislinn Paul’s “Did you erase me from your memory? Did you ever love me at all!?!?!?!” has to be the best acting I’ve seen from any cast member at any time. It’s so believable and makes what seems to be a war even more thrilling. As reported before, Eli will get jealous when he see’s Clare with her new boo Jake roaming the halls at Degrassi, and makes me think that Eli will retaliate with new “love” interest Imogen. I put quotes around love because I don’t think he actually does, but instead wants to hurt Clare, with the presence of another woman. An ECLARE war would make my life!

Those were the main ones I saw. This season could actually be better than season 10! Can’t wait! Degrassi: Now or Never premieres Monday, July 18th with an hour long season premiere on Teen Nick & Much Music and continues Monday-Thursday for 7 weeks!

***We are hours away until you can send in your videos for the 2 fan awards for the 2011 Degrassi Nation Awards. An official video will be released today with detailed information over on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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