Degrassi News Update: Super Late Thoughts on Degrassi’s Promo, Season 12, etc.

12 Jun

As summer begins and Degrassi news becomes less frequent, I had many reasons for not updating this site. Hopefully you have been folowling me on Twitter and at least getting some news. Don’t fear I am back and in this article I will be recapping the big promo that I am aware has been disected a million times from a million people. Also Season 11 promo pics, Season 12 news, Much Music Awards and more.

As most of this promo was happy with the entrance KC and Jenna, the apparent love interest of Alli and Dave (BTW where’s Sadie?, DBT?) and the happiness between Luke and my love, Bianca, the center around what we saw was the eerie presence of Clare and Eli after the breakup.

Was I the only one who got an Unsolved Mysteries vibe from those two? Clare running around with sparklers acting as if she’s over Eli and starting a new chapter in her life as if he didn’t even exist is a little much for me to take. Maybe she’s just that taken by new character, Jake. Clare was happy in the promo as Eli was the complete opposite.

The way Eli looks at Clare, as she prances around super happy reminds me of someone seeing a ghost on Unsolved Mysteries and chasing after it. They’re former lovers, I get that but Clare looks like she has moved on to something greater and Eli is stuck thinking about another girl that has moved on. This whole EClare saga is getting to creepy for me. Not to say I don’t like it because as most of you know, I love me some creepy! Sad to say but it looks like ECLARE is finished.

As stated earlier, it seemed like Drew and Bianca were just getting their feet settled in the relationship and I was legitimately excited for them. Even though Luke…I mean Drew is a douchebag and stealing my woman, Bianca, I still enjoyed them as a couple. That is until this promo.

As Bianca stands alone with an unknown man in a hoodie she is harrassed and didn’t seem to like it. Drew, who obviously takes offense like any good boyfriend would and pushes the guy. A gun is shown but doesn’t stop Drew from defending his woman. Obviously something is going down, but it’s hard to tell what exactly will happen. I’m not thinking a school shooting, but rather in the ravine. How ironic would it be if in the same area bad boy Jay, who revieved many pleasures of the oral variety and bad girl bianca who gave many pleasures of the oral variety got her boyfriend shot. Honestly drew should die anyways. #DrewDies.

Side notes from the promo: Anya a stripper? Doesn’t seem like it will be that blatant, but if she is a stripper on this show as well as Rookie Blue, I think i might go blind! I think Sav will have a great year as he ends with fireworks and poor Adam. Can’t get a girl for the life of him. Sounds familiar.

As Season 11 is just getting started, Stephen Stohn already confirmed a Season 12 on Twitter earlier this week

Speaking of Season 11, the first promo pics for the Spring Break Special were released:

So thats the biggest news from the past two weeks. From now on I promise you i will keep you updated. Of course you can always go over to my favorite two Degrassi sites and for any and all information. Erin and Kary do a great job over there.

Finally, a short reminder to keep yourself updated for the 2011 Degrassi Nation Awards which are December 28th in 6 months time . Also, you must see the 2010 show by clicking . You may submit your videosfor “Best Fan” and “Best originally produced Degrassi related video” on June 28th in any way you can contact me.

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