Oh! My! Chambers!

19 Jan

As you all know, the Degrassi Nation Awards were held last month and with it came great support from all the Degrassi fans. It’s so great that all of you enjoyed my hard work. What’s even better is when the cast members throw me a bone, so to speak. I was more than delighted to see Munro Chambers witnessed the epicness of the award show. My anti-fangirliness went straight out of the window that night. In fact I recieved a huge adrenaline rush to the point of getting a massive headache. You can officially call me a Munro Chambers “fangirl.”

Not to be forgotten in all of this, is Raymond Ablack. He took the time to actually present an award and provide some comic relief while doing so. He tweeted the following about appearing on the show:

Currently the format for next year’s show is going to be completely different. How I plan to do this is completely unknown other than fans won’t be voting. I am however thinking of having a fan choice vote. With this you can vote for any category. Actor, Actress, moment or anything you want of the past year. If you would like to give me your ideas, please click HERE!

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