Degrassi returns February 11th

14 Dec

As you might already know or have heard, Degrassi will return to Teen Nick and Much Music for a one-hour special on February 11, 2011. After the one-hour special, Degrassi will air 30 minute episodes weekly until the end of the season (1044). No special movie this season, but the year has been better that seasons 7,8 & 9 combined, so we can’t complain.

As you can imagine, The 2010 Degrassi Nation Awards are taking up most of my time. That is why I was so late in posting the return date for Degrassi, and for that I apologise. BUT the award show is going to be an amazing production and will be broadcasted in HD. So far we have confirmed Stephen Stohn (Executive Producer, President of Epitome Pictures), Sarena Parmar (played Farrah) and an amazing performance of “Life is a show” by Emily Alvarado (great singer). Today we just learned that we have upped tha anti. As of right now we can’t reveal what exactly we’re planning but it will bring Degrassi Nation to a whole new level. So excited to share it with you guys.

The editing is going fantastic. Like I said, we will be broadcasting from Toronto and in in High Definition! So stay tuned and hope you are OK if I am a little behind with things, but I will be posting on Twitter and Facebook. This will be awesome! Trust me!

One Response to “Degrassi returns February 11th”

  1. Miranda December 19, 2010 at 9:17 PM #

    Ahh, why in Toronto?!?! Part of me wishes there would be
    something in the U.S., but I’m excited. Wish I could afford to fly
    up there. I also heard there’s a spoiler coming up so I’m excited
    for that as well. Thanks for the post 🙂

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