2010 Degrassi Nation Nomination Special

7 Dec

Thank you for watching and putting up with my face during the video. I was filming all night mainly because I am a perfectionist, though it just became worse as it became later.

Thank you so much for voting. I didnt think it would hit 22,000 votes and become as well-known as it is. You voted for 9 categories (8 represented in the Nomination Special), one was for Video of the Year and recieved over 1/4 of the vote. I’m so glad the fans supported each other in the voting process, which is why I did this in the first place. I would also like to thank Stephen Stohn, Munro Chambers, Five Times August, Sarena Parmar and anyone else who promoted the stupid little idea I had to vote on your 2010 favorites.

Munro Chambers recieved 7 nominations, (3 in one category) which obviously was the highest total of anyone. I did not vote. Well okay I voted once but that was just to test it out. Obvs. My favorite actress (as I awkwardly put it in the video) will always be Annie Clark. I loved What a Girl Wants and will always be one of my favorite episodes because of the storyline and the tremendous talent that was involved. But of course so many things can be said about so many episodes and one defintely was Adam.

In my opinion, Degrassi handled the transgendered issue amazingly. It showed the good side, and they showed the bad side. Jordan Todosey, who played Adam was the perfect fit for the role. The only negative part is that Jordan looked more like a girl and in the beginning didn’t make it seem believeable that no one could tell that Adam was really Gracie in disguise. As with all television show, the audience learns to adapt and becomes so involved with the show that they forgot minor details and instead gets enticed by the storyline instead. Of course I can’t put myself in Adam’s shoes but I defintely began to feel for him and his situation. That is not only a tribute to Todosey, but everyone involved. Now when you mention the most memorable moments of Degrassi history, you can include this storyline along with JT’s death and Jimmy getting shot.

Honestly, Season 10 so far has exceeded my expectations (Mainly because I have lowered them in season’s past) and I look forward to what will come in 2011.

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