Vote for your Degrassi favs in the DN Awards!

24 Nov

Up right now is the official 2010 Degrassi Nation Awards website. Once you’re there, you can vote on eight categories. Whether its episode of the year, most go-therest moment of the year, Actor of the year, Actress of the year, Storyline of the year, Degrassi song of the year, Best couple of the year or Rookie of the year, you will love the process. This is a way for us to relive the past season 10 episodes along with season 9’s final few episodes. Have fun with it. The voting deadline is forthcoming, meaning I have no idea when it will be. The winners will be announced December 17 but may be changed to a later date to allow more time to vote.

Other than the eight categories, we have a few fan awards to give out. The first awards is for “best originally produced Degrassi fan video.” The deadline for this is once again to be determined. The submissions I’ve recieved are fantastic and really can’t wait to share them with you!

The other two awards that would be given are dependant on fan interest. The first being Degrassi fan art. This can be any type of art that isn’t a video. The other one is the “Munro fangirl award” and what this entails is that you can send in any obsessive Munro Chambers material that you can think of. Just make it really creative and hilariously obsessive!

You can send all videos or fan art three places. | Degrassi Nation’s FB page | Twitter

I will also include a few awards selected by myself.

Last thought. In one month I will be recieving my 10,000th follower on Twitter. This is a remarkable achievement not only for me but to all Degrassi fans. I am just a fan, not a celebrity nor am I anyone out of the ordinary. I am blessed with great “fans” and I love doing what I do. So much like the Gemini Awards, I’m giving you a speech a chance to say what you want in a ‘congratulations (Gregg) Degrassi Nation on 10,000 followers’ video. I know I’m no Luke Bilyk (I wouldnt charge you for being a fan) but at the risk of sounding arrogant this is kind of a big deal. I would love to hear and see what kind of fans Degrassi has from all over the world. Make them creative and have fun with ti!Please send your all DN congrats videos only to You guys are the best and THANK YOU very much!

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