FFA does whatever it takes, Kodak gets real

11 Nov

I’ll admit it, I’ve read some ridiculous Degrassi Articles in the past, but no article has sounded this ill-researched, homophobic and biased as much as this one did. The Sunshine State News reported that the Florida Family Association was claiming a huge victory in getting advertisements from Kodak off the air during Degrassi. With religious organizations such as FFA is, you need to take what they say with a grain of salt. The only reason they claimed victory was because “Kodak has not advertised during the past week. Clearly it appears that Kodak pulled their advertisements from this program after receiving thousands of e-mails from Florida Family Association supporters,” according to FFA Executive Director, David Caton. This was later confirmed to be false by Kodak in an email sent to Degrassi Nation.

Oh come on, David Canton, you know you like it!

A little background about the Florida Family Association from their website:
Mission Statement: Florida Family Association is an organization that is made up of THOUSANDS OF SUPPORTERS across America who share in the same goal of improving America’s moral environment.
Florida Family Association’s mission statement in our IRS approved 501C3 application is to: Educate people on what they can do to defend, protect and promote traditional, biblical values.

This “mission statement” and the organization’s name in general are filled with redundancies. When I think of a family, I think of a group of people who doesn’t judge each other by certain life choices, instead they accept who you are to help them grow and become a better member of society. The FFA is so blatantly homophobic that “family” in its mission statement becomes null-and-void. As I continued reading the full-Degrassi page on their site, I began to cringe.

Although I won’t get into the specifics, The FFA needs to actually watch Degrassi before judging it so intently. All the “facts” they came up with came from TeenNick.com and in no way, shape or form did they come from watching the actual show. If you read the facts with no back story, then yes, Degrassi is horrible for kids to watch. But that’s not the case, not the case AT ALL!

FFA states on their website, “DeGrassi: The Next Generation which is loaded with high risk behavior. The theme of DeGrassi revolves around Riley Stavros, the high school football team’s first string quarterback and his homosexual lifestyle.”
Thanks FFA for proving my point that you have never seen the show. If you had than you would know that Riley is only one character of maybe 30 that contribute to the show. In fact I haven’t seen him since The Boiling Point! As liberty would say, the FFA put together an ill-researched scheme.

Not only are they wrong about Riley being the lead, but they also say “DeGrassi: The Next Generation Point is loaded with irresponsible content including sexting, drug abuse, underage drinking, reckless driving, teen pregnancy, violent crime and explicit homosexuality. Tragically this show flaunts the high risk behavior of these high school students in front of millions of teenagers and children who watch the Teen Nick channel,” which is also wrong.

Is this better FFA? Palex FTW. Always and forever!

Degrassi: The Next Generation (Point?) is an educational show. Always has been, always will be. Of course it would be wrong to show all of the above and not get in any trouble. What FFA fails to realize is that Degrassi ALWAYS show the dangers of the irresponsible content that they are talking about. Each one of the risky behaviors mentioned had some sort of a backlash. Even “explicit” sexuality, which they make it seem like it’s similar to everything else listed. I am not a religious man by any extreme and with religious organizations like this; I plan to stay that way. I hate intolerance and I love my gays. Why hate each other when we have so much time on earth to love each other? I don’t get it. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Before I end, I must ask the FFA why they only target three characters out of TeenNick’s 40+ they have listed. Too many shows have negative outcomes that arise with no consequences but Degrassi is the exception. If the FFA would stop and realize that the show depicts real life situations that REAL teens go through, then maybe they would stop the same propaganda they tell us Degrassi shows. Then again the utter intolerance FFA shows leads me to believe that they won’t change for anyone and are stuck in their ways.

Homosexuality is much like racism was in the 1960s in this country. They’re looking down on you just because you were born a certain way, in which they can’t help. Why should homosexuals have to justify their “behavior”? Do I have to justify why Nina Dobrev is a total fox? NO! That’s the way I think and no one should question the right of being homosexual either. FFA: If you’re going to use the excuse that you’re spreading family values through biblical ways than do yourself a favor and omit “Family” from your organization, because the last time I checked Family equaled love, something you clearly aren’t showing.

You may contact the Florida Family Association by Clicking HERE!

Oh by the way, Ms. Hot Sauce confirms Degrassi has the best fans:
She said this clearly because of DegrassiBlog.com and Degrassi-Fans.com. Go check out what they have to say about the Kodak/FFA controversy!

One Response to “FFA does whatever it takes, Kodak gets real”

  1. Hope November 12, 2010 at 11:00 PM #

    If you dont think degrassi is a “family show” dont watch it,noones forecing you to turn on your t.v. and watch degrassi,and the content in the series is completely realistic and in some teens it actually happens to them.degrassi plainly shows the risks of what can happen in your life choices.The FFA’s statement is COMPLETELY homophobic which is NOT what families should be.And if they claim to be so religious and wholesome,they should act like it,not just preach it.

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