2nd Annual DN Awards: Friday, December 17th

7 Sep

Last year began an event where I gave away awards to those cast members who were most deserving. (i.e. Best actor/actress, Best scene, etc.) This year I will be dong the same with som slight differences. This year, with the addition of the website, I now have the opportunity for you all to vote in your favorite catagories. I am excited to see what you think is the best in each category.

In addition to voting for the cast members, I encourage you to make the best Degrassi fan video you can think of. Last year everyone had a lot of fun sending in videos and I enjoyed watching every single one of them! So send them in but I have to forewarn you, this video will be hard to beat.

You can definitely tell that Courtney and Nicole (and the rest) took plenty of time and dedication to the video and it definitely shows. To be honest, they’ve set the bar so to a whole new level that it will be hard to compete with. BUT I know you can do it!

Videos are nice but so are Fan Pics! You may also send me your original Degrassi creations!

Here are my favorites that I’ve seen so far

Obviously im biased to this one. Submitted by: @CarlozZzZzZz

Submitted by: Unknown

The nominees for all categories will be set by late November/early December so you will have plenty of time to vote!

If you would like to submit Fan art or a video, you have many options:
Email: DegrassiNation@Gmail.com
Twitter: @DegrassiNation
Facebook: DegrassiNation

So start making those videos!

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