Degrassi-Fans tours the set of Degrassi!

11 Aug

Top Left: Erin w/ Melinda | Top Right: Erin w/ Ray | Bot Left: Where Jimmy gets shot | Bot Right: Erin w/ Jessica

If you haven’t heard already, Erin from won the Degrassi Ultimate Fan Contest and toured the set on Monday. She also posted pics and a report of her day at Epitome.

First of all, can I do a review of her review of her set tour? So many pictures and stories that I want to talk about. I posted 4 of my favorite pictures at the top. Can’t believe she met Melinda, Ray and Jessica. Not pictured is her picture with Sam Earle. The reason? His shirt gives away a future storyline. What could that possibly be!???

Her review is very thorough, so you will need plenty of time to read it. But it’s so refreshing and interesting to read a fans perspective as they enter Epitome. She sounds the exact same way I would sound if I entered that place. Although I think I would be way too nervous to walk up to the stars themselves. I’d probably say ” h-h-h-h-hi…Im G-G-G-Gregg from Deg-g-g-rassi Nuhnuhation. But seriously, Erin thanked me in her review and I couldn’t be more honored than to help her with the special day. It sounds like she had an amazing day, so please visit her report to learn all about it.

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