99 Problems review

28 Jul

Degrassi just doesn’t stop with great storylines this year and the Riley and Zane plot was better than I thought it would be. Riley still hasn’t come out and this is starting to irritate Zane, much like Dylan was frustrated with Marco when he didn’t come out. Even though Zane seems angry that Riley can’t be himself around everyone else he is patient and will wait for Riley to come out. Riley likes Zane and tells him that in the gym when he thought the two were all alone. Not knowing the quarterback vying for Riley’s spot is in the gym, Zane explains the “Two Riley’s theory” in which Drew threatens to “out” QB1 unless he steps aside, which sets up a great part 2.

Part 2 started off fast. Riley and a friend get tired of Drew and quickly wrap him up in plastic NAKED! This eventually ends up backfiring on Riley as the team is forced to sit the sidelines until the investigation is complete and the perpetrator is caught. At this point Riley confesses he was behind the whole thing and is suspended for 5 games due to his actions.

Overall this episode was fantastic. I love Riley and Zane as a couple. If anyone can get Riley to come out its Zane. He is Riley’s “Rock” so to speak. Zane gives an added boost to Riley’s character, which he needs. With that said, Zane is being overly patient and that can only last so long. I really hope Riley comes out soon because I really want Ziley to hook up. Drew’s mom was over the top, but it did set up for the ending well.

Elsewhere was the awkward Alli storyline. Was it me or did this seem like a useless storyline with awkwardly placed characters? Melinda Shankar is a great actress, I just think Alli is slipping in the realm of Degrassi and I don’t like it.

Alli is feeling left out. Clare is doing her own thing now and has no where else to feel that she belongs. After trying an unsuccessful run with the Power Squad (Chante after her 10th year in high school is captain), Alli decides to create her own dance crue. She recruits Degrassi rookie, Bianca who wasn’t into the club at first until she learned she can skip out of school early (setting up a bad girl image, perhaps). Alli is more into the popular aspect instead of practicing to get better, which Bianca is all about. The team eventually quits on Alli for not being in it for the right reasons and leads Alli to have a funny performance at the football game…by herself.

The only part I liked about this was Bianca. Good intros to new characters are hard to come by but this was smooth and seemed relevant.

The other subplot is one that has potential. This is a sub-plot, yes, but it is a slow lead-in to Better off alone in which we will see more development to this storyline.

KC’s life is good, he’s getting good grades and on the football team. Things are looking up for him but, as Jenna finds out KC’s mom is out of jail and looking for him. I admittedly laughed when KC said his mom had been out of jail for eight months, I guess because I was expecting less time. This storyline will be another one of my favorites if Degrassi does this one right.

Jenna’s jealousy was great because it created such a change in what most of the viewers thought was going to happen. Instead of the constant phone calls he was recieving being from girls, it was his Mom trying to contact him. In my opinion that was a clever move by the writers. I love being tricked. It’s hard to trick a whole Nation!

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  1. stephanie July 31, 2010 at 5:17 PM #

    I want to see more of Emma and Spinner’s story. It was great and I couldn’t stop smiling when I learned they had gotten married. They are really good together. No one saw it coming because it happened so fast-but you can’t just leave us all hanging as to what happened after!

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