Breakaway (Part 1 & 2) Review

24 Jul

Degrassi: The Boiling Point concluded its first week run with a pretty solid episode, Breakaway. This week has definitely lived up to the hype that we have been lead to believe we would experience. Having said that, I found Breakaway part 2 the most lacking from this week mainly because of its main plot.

Fiona decides to let the world in on the real Bobby Beckenridge when she posted a picture of her bruised eye via twitter. She admitted to Declan that she added makeup around her bruise which makes him think that Fiona is making up stories again. After a call from Holly J, Declan decides to hear Fiona out and shows him a bruise on her leg from being thrown down some steps. Declan, being a good brother wants to take action but Fiona wants some time to think about it. This is Fiona’s way of buying time so that she could order a plane ticket back to Degrassi after she finds out Holly J has been asking about her.

Fiona is at Degrassi and surprises Holly J, who is utterly surprised to see her back. Holly J, concerned, tells Declan and has his mom make the trip to check up on Fiona at Degrassi. She doesn’t want to go back to New York after Bobby, but her mother insists “Can’t let that bastard get with it.”

After more talks Fiona convinces her mom to let her stay at Degrassi which leads us in to part 2, which has Holly J stealing from Fiona when she gives away her password and user name to her credit card when she is in dier need for a $2,000 SAT prep course lesson. Holly J’s world is turning upside down. Her family has lost money, Sav won the election and Fiona is showing off her money. She couldn’t afford the $2,000 that she needed for the SAT course and subsequently took the money from Fiona’s account. Fiona eventually forgives Holly J, which is why I didnt really enjoy the storyline that much. We had no time to get into any emotional aspect because of the forgiveness being so quick. This was an okay storyline because of the betrayal of Holly J to Fiona, but compared to the other main plots it didn’t match the quality.

The entire Fiona-Bobby story line was the best one I’ve seen in quite some time, though there is an article reporting that her will be returning in later episodes this summer.

The election is coming closer and closer and people are starting to hear about the pregnancy and Sav’s actually gaining sympathy. Sav wants to come clean about it but it would be social suicide. Anya convices Sav that Holly J is the one who thought of the idea and starts to feel better for what he’s doing. Holly J threatens to tell the entire class what is going on, but Anya comes back, threatening to tell everyone that it was her idea to begin with. This ended up working to Sav’s advantage as he wins the election, signifiying that if you lie, as long as you make it believable, good things happen when you don’t tell the truth!

The election is done with, and everything is good with Sanya…until they get caught by Sav’s mother making out and when his mom questions Sav about Anya being in the house, he sides with his mother, instead of Anya. Again. Its to be expected, but I wish Sav would stick up for what he wants and actually seem to care about Anya or Sanya for that matter. This was a solid storyline that kept me entertained throughout the episodes. Even though it’s all lies, it was still funny how we started and ended with Sanya not being together. Sav needs to totes grow yup. But thats obvi.

Probably the funniest storyline is Clare’s mysterious “surgery” that no one except Alli and her know about. It had some major comic relief when were dealing with Fiona’s drama. I’m glad to see the Clare/Jenna/KC drama isn’t over. It was one of my favorite things to see during season 9. Jenna overheard Alli and Clare (love her new hair), talking about a surgery and the words that they use make Jenna interpret the surgery that Clare’s having as a boob job.

Jenna spreads the rumor that Clare is getting a boob job. Clare and Jenna fight without ever acknowledging what surgery they think Clare is getting. Finally, Wesley is convinced to find out if Clare really got a boob job or not. When asked if he could feel “them” Clare accepts, thinking he was going for her eyes but goes for the Wesley jackpot. Then the secret starts to its face.

My favorite sub-plot of the season so far is this one because of the ending. Clare puts a pair of socks in her bra to fool Jenna into thinking she got the procedure. Clare totally pwned Jenna with the trick, teaching her not to mess with the smart, gorgeous, short curly haired Grade 10 genius. If you haven’t noticed, I love Clare.

Finally, the Dave-Alli scenes. Dave goes overboard to impress Alli when he creates a list of the hottest girls of Degrassi. Alli appears to be #42 when Dave meant to put her as #1. This upsets Alli, making her make a list of her own. She makes Dave Turner #1 in the list of the Biggest losers at Degrassi. They eventually talk it out and Alli is actually impressed after Dave explains everything. He even got a kiss out of it. This storyline was too short for me too get into it. Althoguh i am a fan of the underdog and that’s exactly what dave is and will be even more when Drew comes into the picture.

Thanks to ACES Online

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