The Nation talks with Epitome

21 Jul

Today The Nation was apart of an amazing opportunity with and as all three of us were apart of a conference call with Epitome. Even though technical difficulties prevented me from joining the two other bloggers, later on I got to chat with Abby Ho of Emerging and Digital Media and Krista Legault, the Communications Coordinator.

During the meeting we discussed the following:
The possibility of Season 11: One of the last questions I asked Abby is if Degrassi making Season 10 a big event had anything to do with it being the final season. Her response (and of course this is NOT a confirmation) was that she didn’t think so. She made it seem that the word around set was that a returning season is imminent and with the record breaking movie on TeenNick and Much Music, who can argue with a Season 11.

Epitome is also adding some character Twitter accounts that will be in real time as the episodes air. These will also give more away about the episodes as the season gets deeper.
Make sure to Follow: Sav Bandhari, Holly J and Fiona.

Degrassi is also filming their 27th episode already. Simply amazing how quickly they are going through these episodes and if the Boiling Point is any indication, you guys will love it!

Finally, Epitome wants YOUR ideas! If you have any ideas for show topics you want to be covered! If you want your opinion known, you can do it in many ways: If your on Twitter, hashtag #DegrassiIdeas then your idea (EX: #DegrassiIdeas I want to see…) or you can email me with your idea: and I will make sure it gets in the right hands.

I want to end on this note: It was too bad I didn’t get to chat with Erin (Degrassi-Fans) and Kary (DegrassiBlog), but hopefully we can do it again shortly. It was a good time chatting with Abby and made sure it was known that Kary, Erin and I are apart of the Degrassi Family. Made my day.

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