Degrassi Takes Manhattan…Tonight!

16 Jul

Here are the last couple clips and what? Emma’s working at The Dot?….Looks like its her fault The Dot explodes.

I think I have given you my thoughts over the past couple months as to what I think will happen, so I will leave it at that.

Plenty of coverage today as we get set for Degrassi Takes Manhattan. I will be on Twitter, Facebook, Formspring and right here answering every one of your questions. Then, as DTM premieres at the Much Music studios, I hand it over to @HeatherDegrassi as she will be LIVE! from the premiere in the Much parking lot. Get exclusive Tweets, photos and more.

By the way, be on the look out for “I follow Degrassi Nation” signs. People have sent me their posters they will be displaying at the premiere. So dont be a stanger, talk with them and enjoy the movie together. This should be a Canadian holiday, so enjoy this day. And for those of you in America (myself included) we just have a weekend to go. Isn’t it going to be torchure when TeenNick is showing Season 9 reruns while Much is having the movie on? It will be for me.

Speaking of Torchure, Starting with the premiere tonight at 9 ET, I will not be on Twitter or anything else except my website until the last episode next week. Due to the timing differences I will not take a chance in finding out before I see it on TV. I will not answer any Tweets or comments on my website. I hope you understand. The following week will be back to normal.

Send me any pics, videos or anything from the premiere at This is so exciting

2 Responses to “Degrassi Takes Manhattan…Tonight!”

  1. michelle July 16, 2010 at 2:34 PM #

    gosh every clip just shows more and more! lol like no suspense now. oh well!

    but wow got to see more of the scene with spinner declan holly j and jane.

    and emma at the dot…lol oh man. she what quit college right back in that bike race episode lol. but i forgot what else she was doing after that but guess we’ll see her dot-ing it up and causing it to explode lol wtf.

  2. Kylie Jackson July 18, 2010 at 7:21 PM #

    OMG i hate that!!! This is so torture waiting until Monday for DTM while people in Canada got to see it on Friday! Ughhh!!!! We get reruns while they get to watch the new Degrassi and dont have to wait in suspense any longer. 😕

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