Tv, Eh? Interviews Paula Brancati

15 Jul

Paula Brancati gave an interview with Tv, Eh? and revealed some spoiler information. It might have been a given, but Jane will go to New York with Holly J and Declan to escape the pain she is in after breaking up with Spinner. This will be an escape for her but according to the interview, “A lot of debauchery ensues.” She will also hav three songs in the movie that she recorded.

Brancati will not be able to make the Much Music screening party Tomorrow as she will be in the play Love, Loss and What I Wore. She ended the interview with this: Im really anxious to see the audience’s reaction to Jane. “I want to hear how fans respond to the craziness that’s going to go down. And I want people to empathize with Jane. I really hope they do. She’s made some mistakes but I support the fact that she’s a good girl. Please feel for her!”

Remember: Tomorrow from 7-9 ET time, right before the movie I will be on Twitter, Facebook, HERE! and Formspring and I will answer all your questions and give you last minute information about the movie. Plus, around 2 will be the preview for the movie.

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