4-Part DTM Blog Series: Spinner/Jane/Declan

12 Jul

Tonight begins the first part of Degrassi Nation’s four part series in which we get you ready for the 30th season of the Degrassi franchise with Degrassi Takes Manhattan that premieres on Much Music this Friday. In the next four days we will be discussing 4 of the biggest storylines in the movie and hopefully getting your feedback along with it.

There are so many great storylines coming out of Degrassi with this movie. I have to start somewhere, so lets start with these three. Spinner is a Degrassi original, so you gotta feel for the man who has given everything he has for Jane and his relationship. Jane is a character who I never thought would actually do this. I liked her character, especially when she tried out for the football team. This was something that was difficult for her to do, but Spinner was always there by her side to make sure she was doing alright. Spinner, by no means is an angel, as he seems to have his cheating ways, but it really seems like he has morphed into a decent human being who would do anything for Jane. Jane has turned into a careless, heartless, bitch who doesn’t have any morals (I think I said something like that or worse when she kissed Declan). It was a sudden turn too. Almost like an episode of Monday Night Raw.

I want to include Holly J in this also; The reason is because she is currently going out with Declan who helped Jane cheat on a good friend and a once-crush, Spinner. Holly J caught Jane and Declan together and said nothing to Spinner about it. How can someone go out with a cheater and not be expected to be cheated on? That really irritated me, just so you know.

On to the culmination of it all. I tell you what, (Hank Hill) I cannot wait until Spinner hits the people’s elbow (or just gets punched) on Declan. I could say that I am most excited for that, but I’d be lying. There are so many storylines that im excited for.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on the incest storyline. You know, the one that I correctly guessed would happen. I guess I’m most excited for that (not to sound perverted) but because it’s a storyline that most of my readers thought would NEVER happen. Degrassi is definitely going there…TO THE X-TREME! And if Annie Clark is reading this, cuz I know she does from time to time, I am really excited for you to shine in Degrassi Takes Manhattan even if you are playing a total bitch of a character. You do good work.

5 Responses to “4-Part DTM Blog Series: Spinner/Jane/Declan”

  1. DJ July 12, 2010 at 9:44 PM #

    Spinner, in my opinion, is probably the best example, or one of the best, on Degrassi of how a character can grow and change, which is what good plot is about alot of the time. Spin isn’t my favorite character, but he’s gone from an unaccepting bully to a very kind, upstanding guy. So, despite what he’s done in the past, I feel really bad for him here.

    Because his and Jane’s relationship has to be the best he’s had. He’s had good relationships before(well okay I guess Paige is the only one that was relatively stable, the entire thing with Darcy was plagued by chaos and Manny was quick as ever), but him and Jane have always had something real, something withstanding, and its going to be sad to see that come to an end.

    I like Jane, but I don’t get her simply because she’s been able to continue life with no problem after cheating on Declan. She’s been able to talk to Holly J like they are best friends, continue on with Spinner, and even talk to Holly J about her relationship with Declan…heck she goes to New York with the two! I don’t see how someone could do that with the person that they cheated on their BF with.

  2. Matt July 13, 2010 at 12:53 AM #

  3. Anonymous July 13, 2010 at 12:29 PM #

    I’m gonna have to disagree with DJ and of course the writer. While Spinner has grown from being a dick to a great guy, that doesn’t mean we have to feel sorry for him! Declan on the otherhand is a new character who quickly became my favorite. If anyone should be blamed for the affair, it should be Jane. We all knew Declan had no real understanding of will power, and Jane was the cheater! So i think the punch is terrible.

    Monsieur Degrassi

    • Jasmine July 14, 2010 at 1:04 AM #

      I have to agree with you. The cheater is the one to blame. No one else… however, his/her accomplices (friends who fail to say anything about what they know about the matter) are almost equally to blame.

  4. a dude August 7, 2010 at 12:59 PM #

    declan gets punched it it its funny!

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