Degrassi Takes Manhattan screening party THIS FRIDAY

10 Jul

This Friday is the World Premiere of Degrassi Takes Manhattan and Much Has you covered. If you live by the Much studios stop by as they will be showing the movie at 9 ET, the same time as it’s shown on television. If you do plan on attending you must RSVP by clicking HERE! Not sure if you want to go or not? How’s this: The cast of Degrassi WILL be there enjoying the movie with you guys.

If I lived in Buffulo or somewhere close, but still in the states I would so sneak accross the border and go to Much for this. My entire schedule is screwed up because of the airing differences. I will not be on Twitter for a week in case someone reveals what happens during said week. I hope you understand.

However, Monday I will be tweeting along with the cameos in DTM and will post a story about different storylines that will take place during the movie each day until thursday. Friday I will be with you up until the premiere of DTM. I will post a preview be with you on Twitter, Facebook and Formspring from 7-9 ET before the movie airs to answer EVERY QUESTION. Im sure there is more to come.

One Response to “Degrassi Takes Manhattan screening party THIS FRIDAY”

  1. Lynne July 13, 2010 at 6:34 PM #

    So where IS Much studios in Canada?

    I’m seriously considering a road trip or something at least.

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