TeenNick’s press release for Season 10

7 Jul

Season Ten Of ‘Degrassi’ To Be Presented Telenovela-Style
News – Press Releases
Degrassi, the smash-hit teen series, will break new creative ground in its landmark 10th season on TeenNick this summer as it’s presented in a prime-time telenovela-style format for the first time in the show’s history. Following a new original two-hour TV movie titled “The Heat is On” airing Monday, July 19 (9 pm ET), Degrassi will premiere in a prime-time serialized format for six straight weeks (Mondays-Thursdays at 9 pm ET) through August 26. Additionally, TeenNick will air a weekly two-hour encore of the week’s past episodes each Friday night (9-11 pm ET).

“Degrassi is a series that inspires tremendous devotion and passion from its loyal teen viewers, and it completely lends itself to a telenovela-style serialized format creatively,” said Marjorie Cohn, President, Original Programming and development, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group. “The fantastic production team behind Degrassi has uniquely adapted the show’s storylines to this format, and we think our audience will thoroughly enjoy watching all the drama, excitement and surprises unfold nightly.”

“When our partners at TeenNick approached us with the idea of a telenovela-style format, I was intrigued and really excited at the prospect of doing something so different in the 10th season of a series,” said Linda Schuyler, Co-Creator and Executive Producer of Degrassi. “Season 10 will give fans a lot more of the Degrassi they know and love. Although it may feel slightly different, the honest storytelling of the show will remain the same – a mandate that we believe has made the series a favorite with teens for so many years.”

With more secrets to be revealed, lies to be uncovered and surprises in store for its students, Degrassi Community School may never be the same again. The 10th season of Degrassi will further explore the lives of the students, as well as tackle many issues that are relevant to teens today including divorce, bullies, gender identity, community service, double standards, Internet safety, family dynamics, runaways and romance. Four fresh faces join the junior class and learn to navigate the waters of their new school, while the seniors have some big decisions to make with potentially harsh consequences. Meanwhile, the sophomores are ready to make their mark and in turn, stir up some drama in true Degrassi style.

Degrassi, winner of both a Television Critics Association Award and two Teen Choice Summer Series Awards, is a fictional, dramatic series that tackles tough issues in a realistic way. The most authentic teen drama on television, Degrassi explores an interesting group of adolescents and young adults going through the trials and tribulations at Degrassi Community School and beyond. The series follows Holly J (Charlotte Arnold), Sav (Raymond Ablack), Anya (Samantha Munro), Riley (Argiris Karras), Clare (Aislinn Paul), Alli (Melinda Shankar), K.C. (Sam Earle), Connor (A.J. Saudin), Declan (Landon Liboiron), Fiona (Annie Clark), Jenna (Jessica Tyler), Dave (Jahmil French), Leia (Judy Jiao), Chantay (Jajube Mandiela) Peter (Jamie Johnston), Wesley (Spencer Van Wyck) and Stefan Brogren (Principal Simpson). Season 10 will feature also the addition of new students including Drew (Luke Bilyk), Adam (Jordan Todosey), Bianca (Alicia Josipovic), Eli (Munro Chambers) and Ms. Oh (Cory Lee).

2 Responses to “TeenNick’s press release for Season 10”

  1. DJ July 7, 2010 at 4:26 PM #

    Sounds interesting and fun. Exciting!

    And at long last, we have a cast list, though most of it was known.

    I didn’t see Blue’s name in there. Does this mean that useless character is finally done? Sorry, but I never saw anything in him…he was nearly useless in Season 8, and they should’ve just dropped him to recurring in Season 9.

    Gonna be sad to see all the early characters minus Simpson gone, though. I hope DTM or D: THIO will elaborate on everyone’s fates, like Emma/Spinner/Manny/Jay, though I imagine Manny will just go back to Hollywood(Jay tags along?) like its already been stated in “Holiday Road”. Not sure how Emma and Spinner are going to possibly exit. Ms. H should just become Superintendant of Degrassi so she can still make guest appearances when needed(I hope its not some random “Oh she had to go back to Regina!” thing).

    Other than that, it all looks fantastic!

  2. casey July 17, 2010 at 11:18 AM #

    i hope all the old people like manny ,jay ,emma ,liberty,and marco will be on the 10th season

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