1 year later: State of The Nation Address

29 Jun

One year ago today was a day that changed my life, the day that I made my first Tweet. Although DN now has a website, Twitter was where it started (as Degrassi Tonight) and I will never forget that. After one year I have gained over 3,500 followers and have created a forum in which fans “go there” with each other. Degrassi Nation is all about you, the fan. Thats why this website exists. Its by a fan, for a fan. I will admit, having most the cast and even Executive Producer Stephen Stohn along with Shane Dawson and Michael Buckley as followers is really nice, Its your opinions that count the most and I must thank all the readers and supporters first and foremost.

I must thank the other blogs in the community. Kary’s Degrassiblog.com was there to welcome me in and give me advice during the creation of DegrassiNation.com. Erin at Degrassi-Fans.com has also helped me along the way. Both of them not only acknowledged my biggest story in the past year, the interview with Jordan Todosey, but made sure i got the most views for the story and I did.

I also want to make a special thank you to the extreme supports of The Nation, people who I have the honor in calling Degrassi Nation Hall of Famers. People like Amanda Japp, Molly Faye Cooke, Madison Wilde, Mel Marie Davis and two of 2010s newest HOF’ers Teri Wardrobe and Maya McDonald.

So I hope to take what I have learned in the past year and use those things to my advantage in the next year. I hope I have done well and if not let me know! Im on Twitter, Facebook and Formspring. Let me know and it truely has been a great year. HERE’S to a great Season 10 and hopefully a Season 11!

Thank you,

P.S. Here are some videos that some fans have sent my way in the past year promoting various things in the Nation:

And even I made a video I thought you might enjoy:

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