Degrassi Represents at the MMVA’s

21 Jun

Last night was the Much Music Video awards and was filled with past and present Degrassi stars. First things first, glad to see Jimmy’s stem cell surgery worked as he KILLED it at the MMVA’s. Here is his performance.

Drake’s first attempt at the performance was interrupted by technical difficulties. You could hear someone say “Only one earphone” or something to that degree. I love the Much Music Video Awards because it’s something completely different. It’s outside, Its Canadian, Its LIVE! and its not the traditional setting. It was a little short and had its odd moments but other than that. Degrassi definitely represented.

Pics of Degrassi cast member’s from the past

Bieber's growing on me, unfortunetly

Snake's at it again...

Shenae Grimes blows a kiss at The Nation

I wonder if they miss Peter

Lookin' red hot on the red carpet

Simply stunning

Shenae with her brothers

Lauren and Adamo lookin' down on the MMVAs

Here are some pictures from current cast members from last night’s MMVAs

Charlotte Arnold about to present

Most of the cast who was there

Cory Lee (Ms.Oh) looking down at the crowd

Dave havin' fun

Guess what Jenna and Miley have in common?

One Response to “Degrassi Represents at the MMVA’s”

  1. Stephanie June 23, 2010 at 4:46 PM #

    Darcy might miss Peter, but Mia…well Mia’s got Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder so… 😛

    I think Soundspeed should be on 90210! <3Spinner/Peter/Darcy reunion 🙂

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