CTV Press Release for Degrassi Takes Manhattan

26 May

CTV Original Movie D:NYC – Degrassi Takes Manhattan – NEW MOVIE
DEGRASSI concludes its summer run on CTV with an all-new two-hour movie featuring original songs and celebrity cameos. DEGRASSI grads and friends dive into the summer that will change their lives forever. And what’s summer without a little romance – or a wedding… Best friends Jane and Holly J head to New York City, with big hopes and even bigger dreams. Jane’s dream to front a hot indie band collides with a love she never saw coming. Meanwhile, Holly J’s determined to make her mark as a TVM intern in Times Square, and settle into her role as Park Avenue Princess with New Yorker boyfriend Declan at her side. Back in Toronto, Spinner’s summer is hotter than he ever anticipated and with friends Jay, Manny and Emma in town – there’s never a dull moment. When Spinner’s hopes for the future turn to dust – he needs to learn how to rebuild and move on.

One Response to “CTV Press Release for Degrassi Takes Manhattan”

  1. John Newton December 30, 2010 at 9:11 PM #

    It’s rather sad to hear, in the first line of a show about
    school, a performer using the word ‘implicit’ instead of
    ‘explicit’. If your writers do not understand the words they are
    using, perhaps they are in the wrong business.

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