Degrassi Season Finale Review: I LOVE HOLLY J! I LOVE HOLLY J!

21 May

In the last episode before the big Degrassi Takes Manhattan movie, (Teen Nick & Much Music, July 16th) the season 9 finale gave us a peak into why they are going to New York for the movie. We also recieved insight into Declan’s feelings toward Holly J which was nice to see. Another nice thing to see was Chante getting a storyline! Well, kind of.

In the main plot, Holly J and Declan have been in a relationship for three months, so its obviously time to swipe the V card right? But when Declan can’t commit and say those three special words everything changes. I really don’t understand what the big deal is with guys. Why can’t we say “I love you?” Is it that big of a deal? After Holly J is told that Declan got his heart stomped on when he said those words, she begins to understand that as long as he showed it he would say it when he was ready. Another classy move by Ms. Holly Jeanette. If this was a year ago, she would not have the patience for Declan. She has never been the one to take anything from anyone. J seems like she is starting to realize what she has done wrong in her life and now is starting to become a better role model for others at Degrassi. When Holly J finds out the Coyne family is moving back to New York I was extremely impressed with the way Declan stood up for them both. He is also starting to grow up in spite of his mother not agreeing with him, which was something he struggled with. And when he finally looked into her eyes and said I Love You, it was a good moment. Not only did he say it just to say it, but you could tell her really meant it. We now know the premise behind the movie: Declan is going to be in New York and so is Holly J as she has an internship with TVM. I thought that it was a good way to lead into the Degrassi movie, but it was so fast! I would’ve liked to see a more developed plot and maybe more time to set up for New York. Still a great main plot and just two months until the movie!

In the subplot, we saw Chante. Enough said. Unfortunutely she is the newer version of Hazel. We never see anything of her, why has she NOT graduated yet? Anyways, when the sick Danny gets jealous of Peter kissing Chante in the Space Awakening play, Peter suggests he drink Danny’s water so he would get sick and get out of the play. This plot was better than I expected it would be. I mean Chante? But her storyline worked as she became ill and couldn’t act in the play. I really like Dante (Danny and Chante) together. Really don’t know why, but when Danny made sure that Chante got to perform in front of her family it was a hearwarming moment. Like i said, better than i expected for the sub-plot, but not the best.

Now its on to the movie. Degrassi Takes Manhattan is on Teen Nick and Much Music, July 16th. Season 10 begins the following Monday. Lets get excited. I have so many ideas for what will happen in Season 10. I am definitely ready!

2 Responses to “Degrassi Season Finale Review: I LOVE HOLLY J! I LOVE HOLLY J!”

  1. Jasmine May 21, 2010 at 11:51 PM #

    This episode was incredible… I really felt like it was one of the best we’ve seen from Degrassi in a while… It had a definite season five feeling about it. 🙂

  2. Yollo May 24, 2010 at 12:44 AM #

    i love Hollan (Holly J & Declan) lol idk if u already had a name for the couple… so i really loved this episode, but i miss the old bitchy holly j!! and the old mr-i’m-the-best-suck-that-up-i’m-rich-u-aren’t declan that was what make them special

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