Degrassi Season Finale Preview: “Keep on loving you”

21 May

In a week that announced that Degrassi t-shirts will be sold at Hot Topic and Mr. Simpson taking over as principal when Season 10 starts in September, we move right along in the season to the finale episode before Degrassi Takes Manhattan with “Keep on loving you.”

With last week’s episode, I have no reason to think that this storyline with Holly J and Declan won’t be fantastic. The entire episode will center around Declan’s inability to commit when Holly J tells those him those three words that every guy hates to say, “I love you.” When Declan can’t say it back, the relationship is in jeopardy. But Declan is hiding something, something he hasn’t told Holly J abooot. So what could it be? I have some ideas, but we’ll see how I do…

Here is my guess: Remember Declan and Fiona could be on there way out at any time. I believe they said they could be gone in as soon as six months. When Fiona asks Declan “Have you told her yet?” I get the feeling that their parents are about to move away. This obviously won’t happen as they are both confirmed as season 10 cast members, but I’m thinking they will say they are moving because there parents are and they can’t do anything about it. After much fighting about the situation, the Coyne family will end up staying and at the end of the episode, Declan will finally say those coveted words that EVERY girl wants to hear. Just a college educated guess, but just a thought as you guys tune in to Teen Nick, Tonight at 9:00 ET!

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