Degrassi Review: “In your eyes”

17 May

In an episode where the hype lived up to the non-stop promos that were shown on Teen Nick as “In your eyes” truly got real. As predicted the Main plot and the sub-plot were superb. We saw Riley make a giant step to overcome his anger and sexuality issues, which was great to see. We also saw the drama unfold between Clare, KC and Jenna which was almost as good as the main plot.

It seems that each week a new character finds out about Riley’s homosexuality. This week was no different. Anya became the third person to find out about Riley. She also helped Riley hook up with his crush, new Degrassi character Zane Park (Shannon Kook-Chun). This is when the episode starts to get juicy. Riley is excited to go out with Zane, but also doesn’t want the entire school to find out that he’s gay. This is shown when Zane and Riley plan to meet at The Dot but when Riley gets there, he sees that its crowded and decides to move to a place a little more quiet which happened to be an abandoned construction site.

Riley still doesn’t want anyone to know he is gay. Zane invited him to the LGBT mixer but Riley had the hardest time entering. He could only get enough courage to go halfway but no further. Peter finally convinces him to go into the mixer to help Peter sell beverages to feel more comfortable. He soon forgets about the beverages when he sees Zane. Riley, then starts to open up and starts dancing.

This main plot was awesome. It seems that Riley is starting to learn not to care what others are think. He seems more open and happy. I loved the freeze frame! I want to say that Zane will change his thinking about “coming out” but I also need to be careful about judging a character that we’ve only seen for 22 minutes! We have no idea what he’s about but for right now it seems that Ziley will be good for each other. My prediction though is that Riley will go back to his old ways when he sees people he knows, but thats just me.

The Clare-KC-Jenna subplot was everything I could’ve hoped for. First of all, when Jenna and KC became an item, I kind of liked them together. She seems more fun an outgoing, but now i see she is totally wrong for him. As Clare mentions in the episode, KC cheats on Clare with Jenna and now Jenna tells KC to cheat off Clare! Clare is so smart and admirable in this episode and Aislinn did an awesome job giving the audience emotion so that we would relate to her. She has really improved in her acting since the beginning and it is starting to pay off. I will be honest though, from the beginning (if you read my “In your eyes” preview) I thought Clare was going to get back at KC for what he did. When Clare asked KC to study together and then again when Clare agreed to help KC cheat, I thought Clare was going to give him the wrong answers. I was so excited because that would have been the perfect opportunity to get back at him. But I was thoroughly disappointed that KC recieved a 90. Clare has a good heart and couldn’t do harm to anyone which is her downfall. Clare is among many girls I know that are so nice that they let guys do what they want because they are so nice. Clare took the first step in counteracting that when she snapped at Jenna and KC for using her. GO CLARE EDWARDS! I agree with Kary, Clare should’ve slapped that bitch, Jenna! She irritates me.

Of course with any guy, KC can’t be blamed for any of his “transgressions.” Kind of like the man-whore that is Tiger Woods. Even though I liked that KC admitted he was cheating on the test, he blamed Jenna. DID NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL! KC needs to man up and blame himself. Come on KC, you such a nice guy in he beginning, why can’t you stay the KC we all used toknow and love!

This episode was clearly the episode of the year so far. The sub-plot could have easily been another episodes main plot but it wasn’t. So much drama, so much excitement and JUST ONE MORE EPISODE LEFT BEFORE DEGRASSI TAKES MANHATTAN!

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