An “In your eyes” Preview: NEW character debuts Tonight!

14 May

Its Degrassi Night in America as tonight Teen Nick will premiere “In your eyes” which is the second to the last episode before Degrassi Takes Manhattan. Hopefully the last two episodes will prove to be a good lead-in to the highly anticipated movie. From the looks of it tonight should be exciting. Riley has a love interest and we get some more KC/Jenna/Clare drama which could end up being one of the best sub-plots in Degrassi history.

The biggest story from this episode is the debut of Shannon Kook-Chun. He will be making a guest appearance tonight and will appear in Season 10 as a recurring character, according to his agency. In the episode tonight Shannon’s character, Zane Park will be Riley’s love interest. It will be interesting to see how these two meet and how Riley will react when going on the date with Zane. As we saw in the promo, Zane is waiting at The Dot for Riley, but Riley seems hesitant to join him. He doesn’t want to hide his secret anymore but how far is he willing to sacrafice for his happiness? This will definitely be a “real” episode. I’m hoping Riley comes out completely tonight or in the least, not caring what others think of his homosexuality. I say this for Riley’s best interest and that alone. As for more of a dramatic storyline, I would want Riley to stay confused about his feelings and keep dealing with his issues on a day-by-day basis. It makes for good TV. It seems like Zane, even though i haven’t seen the episode, is a guy suited for Riley. But who am I to say? We will have to find out Tonight! 9:00 ET only on Teen Nick!

In what could be described as one of the best sub-plots in Degrassi history, we will see KC, Clare and Jenna fight it out. In the promo pics that were released, I see KC and Clare talking and they seem like they were having a good time. Of course this is probably Clare’s idea to get revenge on KC. What else could it be? Remember Clare said she would get revenge on KC a few episodes back? It could and probably will happen tonight. I’m excited to see where this leads and could quite possibly be one of the best episodes of the “New” DTNG.

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