Degrassi celebrates 200th episode!

13 May

Today, Degrassi: the next generation celebrated its 200th episode with a huge bang. Stefan Brogren posted the pictures that are above via Twitter late this afternoon. Looks like the cast and crew were having a party which is much deserved. Season 10’s 11th episode (by my account) would be it’s 200th episode. It seems like they are moving along very quickly to be done with 11 episodes!

Lets put 200 episodes into perspective:
Once the 200th episode airs, Degrassi: the next generation will have as many episodes as Coach and That 70s Show. With 200 episodes Degrassi will have more episodes than shows such as Seinfeld, Star Trek: the next generation, Diff’rent Strokes, Scrubs, Growing Pains, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and I Love Lucy just to name a few.

So what to expect for the future? At the end of Season 10, D:TNG will have 236 episodes under there belt. This would put them with the same number of episodes as Friends. This would also put the show ahead of some of the most illustrious shows in television. This includes Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Matters, Roseanne, All in the Family, The Facts of Life, Home Improvement and Walker Texas Ranger–Yes, Degrassi will eventually beat Chuck Norris and we all know that is no easy feat.

You may be wondering what is at the top of this list. Well, lets just say Degrassi will probably never reach that mark. WWE Raw is the longest running weekly episodic program in history. They have 679 consecutive weekly airings and don’t show signs of stopping. Still Degrassi: the next generation has accomplished something and lets hope it continues strong as we head into a new era of Degrassi television!
****All statistics are up to date as of April 24, 2010

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