Innocent When You Dream Review

9 May

Innocent when you dream had its moments, but for the most part i must say this was the worst episode in Degrassi history. Not to say i didn’t like some parts because i did, but clearly this episode disappointed me.

With all the hype for this episode, I was once again left disappointed. I didn’t really expect something to actually happen between Declan and Clare, but at least wanted some drama to unfold from it. I mean the promo told us “…but what happens once it gets real.” I guess the answer is NOTHING. NOTHING because it was mainly a dream that Clare had about Declan. I felt like it was a complete joke that she was dreaming most of this episode and other than the fan fiction, nothing came public about her crush on Declan. I really wanted more drama to come about for this episode but, as i said, coming into this episode I expected this to happen. Just saying, it could have been way better.

I did, however enjoy the way Holly J reacted when she found out that Clare was crushing on Declan. Even though Clare’s fan fiction ALL about Declan, Holly J had no problem with it. In fact she wanted Clare to continue with what she was doing. I really like that part. It really reminded me of the relationship between Holly J and Jane. Jane knew that Holly J was crushing Spinner and wasn’t mad about. It was a nice way to accept the crush because nothing…YET!

The main plot seemed more a development for a future episode more than anything else. It had no substance for the storyline and could have been shown in a much better way. Usually when i watch Degrassi, there is a point or a lesson to be learned. In this case it was just Clare engaging in an inappropriate relationship with the already taken, Declan. No lesson taught.

As for the subplot, (Anya and Sav) I liked it a lot more. Of course this is because i want them to get back together but regardless the storyline would have been much more suited for the main plot. Sav is jealous that it seems that the dumpee, Anya, is seemingly happy and Sav, the dumper is miserable without her. Its later when we find out that Anya has only been pretending to be busy because she thinks that will bring Sav back to her. She was right because if she wouldn’t have said those exact words to Sav, i believe he would have taken her back. As it is, Sav returns to Jackass mode and continues to be a stubborn guy. I love Anya and everything she represents. I am starting to not like Sav anymore because he is a total hypocrite. SAV JUST TAKE THE GIRL BACK! -Love, Degrassi Nation

4 Responses to “Innocent When You Dream Review”

  1. michelle May 11, 2010 at 12:45 AM #

    i was excited too and it was all hyped up about clare and declan. but ugh a cheap twilight rip off was really lame. it was funny when she kissed his neck and i agree with you about how holly j handled the situation. it was nice to see sav being all emo but then he went back to being his jerk self. oh well poor anya hope she’ll be okay. she shouldn’t have told him that she was faking it.

  2. kendall May 11, 2010 at 3:47 PM #

    i think this episode was, like michelle said, a twilight rip off. the producers/writers probably thought more people would watch it if it involved vampires. but i really hoped that something more exciting would have happened between clare and declan. as for sav and anya, im on sav’s side. if a girl did that to me, i wouldn’t take her back. first of all, it was really immature of anya, and sav was trying to be mature about their break up. also, i think anya is just really deceiving and not trustworthy. she lied about being on the pill, then she goes and tries to get sav to take her back by trying to make him jealous. i actually hope they don’t get back together.

    • Lauren May 25, 2010 at 10:10 PM #

      Anya was doing what any girl would do — make the ex-boyfriend jealous. At least she was honest with the guy and told him what she was doing while she was trying to get him back. She only lied about the pill, because she felt threatened with Farrah in the picture. Having sex was the only way she felt she could “keep” Sav. It doesn’t make it right, but that’s how she felt. Sav has his immature sides, too. He never even told his family the two were back together, which is plain out just lying. Both parties were wrong, but I really do hope they get back together.

      • degrassination May 26, 2010 at 9:30 AM #

        I 100% agree with you, Lauren! Sav is holding Anya to the double standard. Like most guys, they like their girl to be innocent and for the most part do what they want, but when the guy does the same thing, it’s a completely different story. This year hasn’t been the best for my gender: Tiger Woods, Jesse James and now Sav! Come on Sav, get with the program…you lied too!!!

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