Degrassi WEEK in Canada begins July 16th

4 May

With Season 9’s last “real” episodes before heading to New York, its hard to focus on the Season 9 movie and the beginning of Season 10. Even though its hard, lets try to focus so we can all plan our summer’s around one EPIC week in Degrassi-land.

Degrassi Nation has learned and can confirm that the Degrassi Season 9 Movie: Degrassi Takes Manhattan will premiere on Much Music (Canada) on Friday, July 16th and have the shortest offseason in TV history. Degrassi will take the weekend off and start Season 10 the following Monday. Meaning, Monday, July 19th Degrassi: the next generation will begin its historic tenth season. What a week for Canadians, so make sure you take the entire week off…because this will be too much drama to take. With Degrassi Takes Manhattan + 4 NEW! episodes of Degrassi (Monday-Thursday), that week will have 4 hours of NEW Degrassi. The question is, Can you handle it.

Now the only question that remains is: What abooooot the Americans? According to a tweet from Degrassi Executive, Stephen Stohn, he writes tweets: “I need to await TeenNick to announce their schedule!” Even though he is not sure about the Teen Nick schedule, my guess is that Degrassi wants to synchronize the United States and Canada showtimes. I would say that Teen Nick would air Degrassi Takes Manhattan on the same day. This would also work for Season 10.

Remember, Teen Nick has just three episodes remaining and Much Music has four remaining. New Degrassi on Teen Nick is this Friday, 9:00 ET. New episodes on Much begin this Monday. I hope your ready…cuz this summer’s about to get real.

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