Breaking up is hard to do [SPOILER ALERT!]

3 Apr

Our collective Degrassi hearts were damaged as we saw the end of Degrassi’s “It” couple Sav and Anya last night as Teen Nick started round two of new Degrassi episodes. It was a really sad moment for everyone as proved by the tweets and comments that came in. Everyone seemed to love the couple together, including me and to see them split was a complete tragedy. With that said, Sav and Anya have broken up and gotten back together many times. I am expecting the same to happen during this season as more drama will unfold. I really like them as a couple, so lets hope they get back together!

The reason they broke up irritated me endlessly. Sav’s reasoning is that he can’t trust her after lieing about using birth control when they had sex in the limo. Sav breaks it off because of that? Are you kidding me? Sav has been truthful the entire relationship. He can’t stand up to his parents and tell them that he doesn’t care what they say about his relationship with Anya, that he will stay with her no matter what. Instead he shows disrespect to Anya by siding with his parents, who have made it very clear that they don’t see a futue in the couple. In “Broken Promises,” Farrah, his arranged marriage partner agreed to go to the spring formal with Peter so that Sav wouldn’t have to reveal Farrah to Anya. Sav is using a double standard in this situation. Why is it fair for Sav to lie numerous times to Anya, but when she gives one lie to Sav, then they split? Typical guy double standard. So what will happen? Is Anya pregnant?, this will definitely get interesting as only a few episodes remain!

As for the episode itself, I really have to disagree with Kary’s Degrassi Blog. He gave the episode a “C-” grading. I actually thought the episode was good. I can’t give any newer episodes an “A” for obvious reasons but i think a “B” would do the episode justice. It kept me interested in the entire episode and that hasn’t happened since Season 7. Anya did an awesome job at the end with her crying scene. It was a phenomenal episode, but its a shame how Teen Nick decided to have the episodes in a sporadic order. Because we won’t see 917 for quite some time seeing as CTV has no plans as of right now to show new episodes and Teen Nick will be a few episodes behind.

****Side note, Congratulations to Judy Jiao (leia) who was accepted in Harvard this week. Wish her good luck!

3 Responses to “Breaking up is hard to do [SPOILER ALERT!]”

  1. Melody April 3, 2010 at 4:36 PM #

    I just CANT believe that Sav did that. I totally agree with you about the double standard thing. Hopefully they WILL get back together cuz i think they a perfect couple!!!!! Overall I really liked the episode.

  2. michelle May 11, 2010 at 1:06 AM #

    it was good to finally have the show back but eh. i guess just keep them broken up, it really wont ever work.

    • degrassination May 11, 2010 at 10:47 AM #

      oh they’ll be back together! Mark my word. I heart them together!

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