A Broken PROMises Preview

2 Apr

If you haven’t been gearing up for this day, you must be Canadian! As Teen Nick is about six hours away from premiering “Broken PROMises” there is still no word on when (or if) CTV will be airing new episodes. Broken PROMises is the next episode that CTV would be playing, so for me I am happy because nobody has seen it. PERIOD. Which makes it THAT more intense.

From what i have seen, the trailer indicates that Sav’s arranged marriage is forthcoming and with prom in the forefront, what will Sav do with two gorgeous women to chose from. Will he chose Anya–the one he has been with through everytnhing and clearly shows his love and affection to or will he chose the girl that his parents have set him up with, the girl that will make his parents happy? This will all become a little more clear as Degrassi premieres TONIGHT on Teen Nick at 9:00 ET/8:00 CT. Degrassi Nation TV returns with NEW Degrassi for the Canadians who can’t see Teen Nick tonight at Midnight ET/11:00 CT. For the American viewers who don’t get Teen Nick, TeenNick.com will be streaming the hour long episode at 10:00 ET/9:00 CT.

As for my predictions, the promo really makes it seem that Anya will DO ANYTHING to keep Sav. Including purposely getting pregnant. Thats just me, I usually read into things WAY to much, but its viable, right? Tell me what you think. Degrassi Nation will be on Twitter answering you questions from 6-8PM tonight right before the NEW Episode!

3 Responses to “A Broken PROMises Preview”

  1. KaylynnCheerGirl April 2, 2010 at 3:04 PM #

    also was that video from mattkaylynn?thats my video!
    well on my account

  2. Melanie April 2, 2010 at 4:23 PM #

    I agree with about whats going to happen. It seems as if Anya would do that but i’m not sure. I can’t wait till it comes out tonight!!!!

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