Partnership announced with Degrassi Fan Stand

28 Mar

Degrassi Nation, the fastest growing Degrassi news source, with almost 10,000 page views on its website and Twitter followers soon reaching 3,000 has annouced a recent partnership with Degrassi Fan Stand which will begin Monday, March 29th, 2010. If you noticed a Degrassi Nation promotional video circulating the web, this might have given a hint to what is taking place.

Degrassi Nation started on June 29th, 2009 exclusively on Twitter under the name Degrassi Tonight. It sooned changed the name which brought promise as more and more fans became a “Nation.” The demand was met with adding a Facebook page and soon after The success has of DN has been immense, so much in fact that its new home, was created one week ago. Degrassi Nation has caught the eyes of many others. People like Shane Dawson, What the Buck?, The Fine Bros., Degrassi Exec. Stephen Stohn, Melinda Shankar, Melissa DiMarco and newcomer to Degrassi, Cory Lee. Cassie Steele is an exception, as she followed the Nation, retracted the follow, followed again then unfollowed. Wierd. Degrassi Nation only been around nine months and will only become greater.

Exclusive to Degrassi Fan Stand will be the Season 10 production preview. Insight on what we know so far aboooot Season 10 and what it should bring us. We know very little, but at the same time we know so much! I would greatly appreciate it if you would join me as the cast readies themselves for the 48 episode season.

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