CTV cancels Degrassi

18 Mar

Degrassi Much?

The nine-year partnership with CTV and Degrassi: the next generation is over. Today it was announced that starting this summer with the Season 9 movie: Degrassi in Manhattan — Much Music, lets just call it Much, will be the exclusive TV home for Degrassi: TNG. According to Degrassi-fans.com, this move has been rumored for quite some time. A move of this magnitude, may be a sign of the end for the show, entering its 10th season this summer. Hopefully the CTV globemedia-owned network will see a growth in viewership as apparently it wasn’t working on CTV.

One thing is for sure though, Degrassi will live on through Much, a Canadian “Music” channel. They seem excited for the switch. This is the 30th year of the Degrassi brand on television and it looks like they are excited to be a part of such a successful show. Much Music told Degrassi Nation “We’re super dupah excited too! Not sure about the premiere (when asked if anything special is going down for the Degrassi-Much premiere) .. we’ll have to seeeee!” The premiere Much episode will begin this summer and be sure to check out the official Much Music blog!

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