Season 10. Just. Got. Real.

15 Mar

As season 9 starts up again, (Teen Nick, April 2nd, 9et) and the production for Season 10 will begin shortly, we don’t know many things aboooot the show’s format and lineup. We know it will have 48 episodes. We know it will begin a 6-week telenovela format with 4 episodes airing each week, but we have no real details in which Degrassi will attempt to go about this style of show.

The latest news about Season 10 (airing shortly after the S9 finale) is that during the telenovela part of the season, Degrassi will move storylines along quicker than normal. It will move fast, but still have the more emphasis on quality, this according to writer, director and producer, Stefan Brogren. Season 10 will be switching to the “RED” camera which is a higher resolution camera, so that the fans can go there…BETTER!

I also don’t want to forget the best news that Degrassi Nation has learned today. Old cast members returning. What? We have learned and can CONFIRM that “familiar faces” will return to the studio for Season 10. That is all we know at this time and of course will keep you updated when we know further information.

One Response to “Season 10. Just. Got. Real.”

  1. Ali March 27, 2010 at 11:27 PM #

    Cool Degrassi is my favorite show ever. Can’t to see the rest of season 9 and then Season 10.

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