History of the Degrassi Freeze Frame: #1-10

15 Mar

***As first reported by Degrassiblog.com, Degrassi will be starting its first half of the season with new episodes airing Monday thru Thursday and then the latter half in its regular slot. More on this during the week

This past month, we have taken a look at the top 40 Degrassi Freeze Frames of all time, during the the Degrassi: the next generation show. The following is the top ten Freeze Frames during the show and although some will surprise you, the majority shouldn’t.

T-11. Jane Vaughn — this surprises me. Jane hasn’t been a credited cast member for a terribly long time and yet she is gracing the top ten countdown. To have seven FF’s in this stage of her character’s career is immaculate. This former-Lakehurst student will only gain Freeze Frames, as Season 9 promises to be full of DRAMA!

9. Toby Isaacs is one that I am shocked to see in the top ten. He rarely had any important storylines in the story, but was always an important aspect in the good days in D:TNG. Lovin’ the TOBES!

8. Marco Del Rossi was always a pivitol member to the show. He was a character that i could relate to. Of course, I’m not gay nor did I attend a school where the worst luck happened, but Adamo played the character so well that i could feel his pain. His importance to the show was clear, but i thought he could have been in the top 5.

7. Ashley Kerwin was a great character. HOT except in her emo days (yuck). She had some importance to the show, but i don’t like that she was this high in the countdown.

6. Sean Cameron and Emma were such a great couple that it propelled his status on the show to great lengths as seen in the countdown. I, however do not see how he can beat Jimmy, Marco, Darcy or Mia. He was an actor of substance and his relationship with Emma made him #6 even though its clear there was more important storylines from other characters.

5. Craig Manning starts our deserved TOP 5 countdown. I 100% agree with the correlation between the Freeze Frame countdown and the characters importance. Craig was one of my fav characters. His relationship with addiction as well as his lady friends made him in the top 5. Although when his dad started to beat him garnered his high-status as a Degrassi cast member, it was the full body of work that made me enjoy Mr. Eptein.

T-3. Spinner Mason WILL NEVER LEAVE THE SHOW!!! and that is why he will always remain near the top of the countdown. I don’t understand why people complain of his old age (funny though). He is the last remaining piece to the old Degrassi and makes it good. I do think it’s true though that “the producers keep him on the show because they don’t believe he can get another acting job” -Shane Dawson. But Spinner still has importance in the show, but it soon could end depending how Season 10 plays out.

T-3. Manny Santos, of course needs to be near the top. As Emma’s best friend, why wouldn’t she. She has also stepped into her own and has brought in some of the most provacative storylines that Degrassi has ever seen. I wish we could see more of her but it looks like we wont.

2. Paige Michalchuk is so fetch, hun. One of my favorites on the show. Her catchy lines and outrageous outfits through the years have made my life. And like she said in Degrassi: Part 2, “Degrassi, with out Paige!…you cannot be serious!” The fact she came on a Degrassi parody was totes hilar, hun. She showed her Degrassi spirit as she played her role as Paige for (maybe) the last time. After Degrassi Goes Hollywood…let’s hope not!

!. Finally…It’s Emma Nelson. Clearly you knew who this was as the entire show was based on her. I would love to see more of her, but there is no way she will EVER get another FF. Which is good. She has enough!

*******There ya go! I hope you enjoyed the Top 40 Degrassi Freeze Frames. It gives you an idea of the importance of each character even though its not an exact science. This of course is updated to the last episode aired on CTV and will, of course change. Any thoughts, comments on the countdown. LET ME KNOW!

2 Responses to “History of the Degrassi Freeze Frame: #1-10”

  1. Preston Ooley March 22, 2010 at 6:48 PM #

    I was searching on google for information about Degrassi because my children like to watch it on television. I wanted to find out if it was good for kids, from what I’ve been reading, it’s harmless. Your post was alot of help, thanks a bunch

    • degrassination March 25, 2010 at 12:10 AM #

      Thank you so much. The show definitely goes outside the boundaries of normal teenage television shows. It deals with issues teenagers deal with and doesn’t mind going to the extreme. The goal of the show is to let kids know what consequences may happen if they do the wrong thing. It’s actually very educational. I’m obsessed with the show and im a senior in college. The show definitely goes there. I’m glad I could help!

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