History of the Degrassi Freeze Frame: Part 3 (#11-20)

6 Mar

We are now continuing the Degrassi Freeze Frame and in one week we will crown the #1 Degrassi Freeze Frame EVAR! So Enjoy.

I just want to say MELINDA SHANKAR! is risin’ up the ranks. Seriously…she is still one of the newcomers to the show, and depending on how long the show stays on the air, she clearly will be in the top 5. To have four freeze frames at this stage in Alli’s character on the show is AMAZING! She is ahead of J.T. Yorke and one short of Degrassi Alum, Audrey “Drake” Graham. I have always said that Melinda just has that “I don’t know what” about her. She has that glow that nobody can explain. She brings such fire and relatability to each show she does. I honestly, cannot describe why i think she will be the next person to leave…to the CW? Isnt that where all the important Degrassi people go when they are done with the show. Anyways, I am impressed with Alli Bandhari making the top twenty…and its only going to rise. She is number 5 in active Degrassi Cast members for freeze frames. Congrats to her!

I am very surprised that throughout the many seasons Jimmy Brooks glanced our television sets, he only got five freeze frames! That is rediculous. He had so many important pieces that put together the show. I mean Alex even had more freeze frames than Jimmy! Alex wasn’t even a major character in most of the seasons. Its almost laughable.

Surprisingly, alot of main characters graced this part of the countdown, when i thought they should be in the top ten — or for that matter, have more Freeze Frames. If you think long and hard about it, how does Ellie only have six freeze frames and Alex have the same amount. CRAZY!

I love disecting the Freeze Frames so much, because it depicts the importance of each character individually and its like a competition. LOVES IT! Next Week, we truly find out who gets #1(pretend like you don’t know who it is)

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