History of the Degrassi Freeze Frame: #21-30

28 Feb

As the countown nears its conclusion, we bring you part three of the History of the Degrassi Freeze Frame. In this countdown we begin to see some bigger stars in the countdown. Some could argue that they don’t belong this high, some don’t belong this low but regardless it brings a heated debate to the issue.

*******What does this mean???*********
In this part of the coundown, we see three adults (Spike, Snake and Joey) and even though its good to see them up so high in the countdown, I really would have liked to see more of them throughout the 9+ seasons. I wonder how many freeze frames they would have gotten if they would have been more involved with the show. We will never know!

Also, if you notice, many in the countdown are part of the “New Breed” of Degrassi. I don’t like the fact that the new kids are getting high up on the countdown because the freeze frames are an indicator of the character’s importance in the show. The late J.T. Yorke was just #21 in the show and was one of the most influential characters in the next generation episodes. We all love J.T. and think that he should have had more “A” plot lines. It’s too bad that he didn’t.

It’s exciting to see where the new characters will land on the countdown in comparison to the old, better characters. I really like the newer episodes, but as always NOTHING IS LIKE 1-6 and especially the PALEX DAYS!

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