NEW! (well sorta) 18 to life: the interview & S10 news

24 Feb

Degrassi Season 10 news: As we edge closer and closer to season 10 (Season 9 returns: CTV – March and Teen Nick – April) we begin confirming the stars’ return. So far we can only confirm Annie Clark and Melinda Shankar’s return to the show, even though we know the majority of the cast will return. Annie Clark tweeted last week: “Got Degrassi season 10 news today! Can’t wait to start filming!” so clearly she will be coming back and Melinda Shankar broke the news (as first reported by Degrassi Nation) that Degrassi would be shooting (maybe the wrong word for the show) 48 episodes. One sad note however, Judy Jiao will most likely not be returning to the show. She tells Degrassi Nation about returning to the show: No, I haven’t! I don’t think I’m coming back 😦 …..
I really believe if given the chance for her character to grow, we could see a better leia. It’s too bad we won’t.

Next Week: NEW! 18 to life but for now here is an interview with Michael Seater

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