NEW! 2 shows premiere this week!

22 Feb

Thought i would start you off with the new Degrassi Nation TV promo, made by Degrassi Nation Hall of Famer, Madison Wilde (you can always send me fan art whenever you want and be eligible for year end awards and be featured on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook). If you noticed in the video, we are showing Melinda Shankar’s How to be Indie pilot episode on Monday at 7 Eastern, 6 Central, 5 Mountain, 4 Pacific, 3 Alaskan and 2 Hawaiian. #LOLZ. How to be Indie is however on a trial basis. Depening on how many views my website gets on Monday, I will have the show full time. I will say 200 views is the minimum for the show to be full time otherwise i will show Being Erica next Monday at the same time. However, if the show gets the minimum number of views, I will show How to be Indie’s full season followed by Being Erica when Indie’s season wraps.

Usually, every Wednesday Degrassi Nation TV shows NEW! episodes of Stacey Farber’s new hit 18 to Life’ but due to CBC’s olympic coverage, ’18’ will not return until NEXT Wednesday.

Also this Thursday, as reccommended by another Hall of Famer, Amanda Japp, is the debut episode of the Season one premiere of Skins. If you havent heard of it, be warned because i will slap on a TV-MA warning. This show is so great that i had to include it in the lineup even though I’m going from ‘How to be Indie (TV-Y) to a TV-MA show. If you will like Degrassi, you will LOVE Skins. I must admit, I’ve only seen one episode but am already hooked on the show. So don’t miss it. Skins premieres this Thursday at 7 ET.

The number 221 will mean a lot to me. This is because it was my highest number of views that i recieved the day i was the first to announce that Degrassi’s season ten would have 48 episodes. So i need to thank you fans and the creator of Degrassi Blog because i generated the most of the views from his website, which mentioned my story. Kary has one of the best Degrassi sites out there and to be mentioned on his site makes me feel that I’m legitimizing the DN, so please go visit his site.

If you have been following @DegrassiNation on twitter, you know I have been sick all week and haven’t been able to do much with the Degrassi Nation brand (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook), but as of right now i am fine and will be getting back on track with everything Degrassi Nation.

***New Teen Nick episodes air in April and in March on CTV with Season 10 premiering in early Summer.

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