History of the Degrassi Freeze Frame (#30-40)

19 Feb

Last week I started to unveil the entire D:TNG Freeze Frame history. This week we have #30-40 and in two weeks we will let you in on who is #1, even though i am sure you know who that will be.
So here it is:

*******What does this mean?*******
Well, first i want to start off by saying that the camera/photo of craig is pretty funny. It of course happened when he was getting beat by his father. I laughed when it stopped at that for the freeze frame…I thought to myself, do i count Craig or a camera and photo of Craig. Clearly it was not Craig and i made the right decision, but funny nonetheless.
I’m surprised that Hazel had ANY freeze frames at all. Her only real storyline in the time she was on the show was the Somalian-Jamaican storyline, which is a shame. I really like Andrea Lewis’ portray of Hazel Aden and was a shame when she left the show. When Andrea tweeted Degrassi Nation, she said she left the show because it was “time for a change. She is currently a singer, actor and part of thosegirlarewild.com, a blog site. Truely a gorgeous and wonderful person.
Another note-worthy conclusion to take from this, is that Anya and Clare are already with 2 freeze frames and depending on the length that D:TNG goes on in the future, they should make a steady climb to the top ten. Also, with 48 episodes this year, as first reported by Degrassi Nation, im sure many “Newbies” will make it into the top twenty, if not, the top ten.
*****How to be Indie pilot this monday
*****Skins premieres this Thursday
*****18 to Life is off until Next Wednesday

2 Responses to “History of the Degrassi Freeze Frame (#30-40)”

  1. Marissa February 24, 2010 at 10:08 AM #

    My favorite freeze-frame ever is the one where Ellie moves in with Sean and the final image is of her holding a stupid-looking ferret. It’s just bizarre.

    • degrassination February 24, 2010 at 1:57 PM #

      That was one of the funniest freeze frames EVAR. Glad you are reading the History of the Degrassi Freeze Frame! And the site in general. This weekend I will premiere #20-29 most freeze frames of the show. Some unexpected characters will grace the countdown.

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