18 to life ratings and 18 to life “Goy Story” (106) Pres. by Degrassi Nation TV

11 Feb

As we enter the sixth episode of 18 to life, we have just learned and want to share with you the ratings of the show’s first three weeks, so take it for what its worth:
Week 1: 779,000 Viewers
Week 2: 802,000 Viewers
Week 3: 555,000 Viewers

These results of course are only in Canada, as no TV network has picked up the rights to the show, even though it is rumo(u)red to be heading to ABC Family.  The fact that the ilot had less viewers than week to surprises me, but even more surprising is the drop in week three.  We will have to see what the next three have to bring, hopefully MORE VIEWERS!

***BREAKING NEWS: As confirmed last night to Degrassi Nation, the execs ARE planning a spin-off or as one of my followers on Twitter calls it –A spinner-off.

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Tom: Degrassi Junior High (106)

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