History of the Freeze Frame

8 Feb

Freeze frames have been part of the Degrassi: the next generation franchise for almost nine years now.  At the end of each show, we wait to see the over-dramatic face appear at the end of an episode – signifying the A plot of this episode.  So it occured to me: Which Degrassi cast members have the most freeze frames, the least freeze frames and who is in between?  In the next couple of weeks i will be unveiling each cast member that has had a freeze frame throughout 9 seasons up to the last episode aired in Canada (or Degrassi Nation TV).  This week we are narrowing the Freeze Frame field down to forty and for the next four weeks we will be narrowing the field down to the eventual number one.  This is an interesting way to compare all the characters, former and current to each other in terms of importance they had or are having during the nine season reign. This should be fun!

 **********All tied for 37th place***********

DYLAN’S CAR**********1(S3, EP:20)

FERRET BUELLER*******1(S4, EP:5)

RICK MURRAY*********1(S4, EP 7)

MR. OLEANDER*********1(S4, EP: 17)

TAXI******************1 (S4, EP: 20)


GRIFFIN ***************1(S7, EP:17)


CHANTE****************1(S8, EP: 17)

JENNA*****************1(S9, EP: 12)

 ********What do these stats prove???*************
These stats prove that Connor has been on Degrassi for TWO SEASONS and gets no air time, which is a shame. He has as much air time as a pair of hands, a cheating SLUT, two cars, a pet ferret, the guy who put Drake…er Jimmy in a wheelchair, an idiot who dumped Paige to work some lame ass job and a guy who would lie to said woman about being HIV positive. WHOA! I’m out of breath. Thats a lot of people with the same amount of air time…or should i say “Framing time.”  Of course no one is worse than Chante, who has been on the show since 2005 and has only garnered one freeze frame.

My point is that Connor Deloreate should get more air time and with that a bigger storyline.  He’s one of the main characters in the Alli-Jenna-KC-Clare group and yet we rarely see him, but we know, somehow he is still one of them.  How does that work?  We definitely need to see him more in Season 10.

As I get more on track with everything Degrassi Nation, I promise more news, rumors and everything else. I have been lacking as of late…more Vikings news than anything else. Can’t help it and i apologise.  So the weekly schedule is Tuesdays is Degrassi Junior High | Wednesdays is 18 to Life | Weekends will be an article | Sundays: Degrassi if new

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One Response to “History of the Freeze Frame”

  1. jeff April 19, 2010 at 12:19 AM #

    I always was interested to see screencaps of every freezeframe the show had to offer, some were really really good(ashley kerwin’s school portrait) while others were not the best.

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