18 to Life fairs VERY well on CBC

9 Jan

You know you’re in Canada when the World Junior Hockey Championships draw more than three million viewers in a losing effort to the United States.  Although no other show came close to that, the former Degrassi star, Stacey Farber had her new show ’18 to life’ debut with high marks.  TV, eh? is reporting that the new-comedy drew 779,000 viewers last Monday night on CBC (Midnight ET on DN TV).  At first it didn’t see that great, but when i saw how it compared to other shows, i was thrilled.  ’18 to life’  beat out ‘Heroes’ which aired on Global TV and faired well against ‘Law and Order’ and ‘The Bachelor’  which had just over a million viewers on CTV and CITY respectively.

Hopefully this won’t be a “one and done” rating.  I really like the show and i can see it having success in that timeslot.  As for American’s getting there “18” on, it should be coming soon to a TV near you soon.  Even though you can see it on Degrassi Nation TV, it looks like ABC Family will pick it up, its just a matter of time.  For now enjoy it on DN TV!

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