Annie Clark has Degrassi in her future

3 Jan

Before I get into anything serious, I must confirm the first 4 episode titles of Season 10:

10:01 – What a girl wants (part 1)
10:02 – What a girl wants (part 2)
10:03 – Breakaway (part 1)
10:04 – Breakaway (part 2)
Its not even the end of Season 9, and yet we have news on Fiona’s return in Degrassi: the next generation for Season 10. Of course we all know the storyline in which Declan and Fiona are the children of their diplomat father and are only in Toronto for a brief visit.

All season i have been wondering, what are they going to do to keep these two new actors on Degrassi St.??? I say this because Annie Clark is doing such a wonderful job as Fiona and Landon is more than great portraying Declan in the show as well.  The wondering can stop.  A recent conversation reveals that it is more than likely that Annie will be returning to the show next year in some part. 

Apparently Annie is applying for University and so I asked her if she had any plans for going to apply to a U.S. college and here is what she said and you can decide how to read into what she said:

Nope. I’m sticking to Canadian schools cuz I need to stay here for Degrassi!

So this must mean that the show we all love her on will keep her for season 10!  Right after she said that, I thought of the whole “only staying at Degrassi for a semester” storyline that Fiona and Declan have.  So, it naturally came to my head, Is she telling me that she’s returning for Season 10?!?!?!  I then asked her if she is telling me  in fact that she confirming a return to season 10 even though her character’s storyline has her staying a short while.  She responded with this:

I’m actually not sure yet (about Season 10). But I’m staying in Canada for a bit anyway in case. My agent is here and everything(about my question of staying in Canada or United States for college).

It was really interesting to talk with her and it looks like she will be attending both Degrassi and the university of her choice simultaneously opposed to the route Ryan Cooley (J.T.) took when he decided to leave the show to persue college life.  Wherever Annie decides to go after high school it looks like she will be majoring in Film Studies.

I found it interesting when I joked about where she would apply and asked her if she was applying to Banting, Smithdale or Toronto U.? How can you not laugh at something like that?

She clearly could not confirm a season 10 appearance especially since season 9 hasn’t been shown yet, but you can expect one of the best fresh faces of Degrassi to return next fall.  Even though her character cannot compare to the DTNG originals, I really like her character in the show. She has great potential in the show and it would be great to see her get more storylines as her character evolves in the series.

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