Degrassi Nation TV picks up ’18 to Life’

31 Dec

Hot off the press. As the annual Degrassi winter break continues, we have your Stacey Farber needs covered right here! Unless you live in Canada or France, you would not be able to see ’18 to life’ but as the January 4th premiere date comes closer, Degrassi Nation will bring you the series that features Degrassi Alum Stacey Farber.  This should be an interesting series and i am so excited to see her and i wish her the best of luck.  Also if you notice in the trailer posted below, Angela Asher another Degrassi cast-member (Jane’s Mom) will also be apart of this show.

Here is the press release

“With one simple “I do”, three couples become connected for better or worse, ‘til death do them part’… 18 TO LIFE captures the stories of neighbouring families with vastly different lifestyles, who reluctantly become in-laws after their teenage kids get married at the tender age of 18. This new family comedy debuts on CBC Television, Monday, Jan. 4, at 8 p.m.”

“It’s a complicated situation, but ripe for comedy: Ben (Peter Keleghan, The Newsroom, Love Letters) and Judith (Ellen David, Surviving My Mother, Mambo Italiano, Heist) are conservative and like to keep up with the Joneses. Their son Tom (Michael Seater, Life With Derek, The Zack Files) is an easy-going guy’s guy. Neighbours Phil and Tara Hill (Al Goulem, The Tournament, Stardom and Angela Asher Degrassi: The Next Generation, Queer as Folk) are tree-huggers who like to rock out. Their daughter Jessie (Stacey Farber, Degrassi: The Next Generation) is passionate and outspoken.

No longer satisfied with stealing kisses through the fence dividing their houses, Tom and Jessie decide they are mature enough to seal the deal. When the newlyweds move into Tom’s parents’ attic, their marriage becomes public property, stirring up new frictions, old passions and spousal tug-of-war.

“What could be shocking for many parents is perfect fodder for a comedy. Canadians of all generations will relate to the hilarious situations that ensue when two star-crossed teenagers take the plunge, with their parents in tow, on 18 TO LIFE,” said Kirstine Stewart, general manger, CBC Television.

18 TO LIFE is created and written by Derek Schreyer and Karen Troubetzkoy. Writers also include Paul Sheridan (co-producer), Skander Halim, Jenn Engles and Andrew De Angelis. It is produced by Ian Whitehead and Neil Bregman and directed by Peter Wellington, Paolo Barzman and Stefan Pleszczynski. Executive producers are Derek Schreyer, Karen Troubetzkoy, Andrew Orenstein and Arnie Gelbart. It is a Gala Film production in association with CBC Television.”

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