What is Stephen Stohn keeping from us?

30 Dec

                                                      We all are wondering it, we all want to know what it is. But it looks like Executive Producer Stephen Stohn refuses to give in on his big secret regarding Season 10. Such a tease! He tweets:

“I can’t wait to tell you about what will be happening for Degrassi Season 10… something new and surprising..(and I don’t mean the storylines, they will always be new and surprising I hope!)”
–December 16th, Stephen Stohn’s Twitter

AHAHAH, i totally know what the big secret is. I bet Degrassi will be moving to a full-time, hour long program. YES! Great idea for the show. Or so i thought. Stephen Stohn let us down on Christmas Day by informing us that the big news is not that the show will be going hour long.  As i read this, i interpreted his tweet in two ways.  Here is what he wrote:

“Hint: The new and surprising thing about Degrassi (Season) 10 is not that it will become hour-long…”

Does this not sound like Degrassi is turning into an hour long program? but there is even more bigger news to reveal? This was until he clarified in a tweet that even though Degrassi will occasionally be seen as an hour long show, it won’t be permanent.  This bums me out, Degrassi would fit in well as a 60 minute program.

Even though we haven’t heard from the Exec himself, we have heard from outside sources close to the situation about the Season 10 deep, dark secret.  We cannot confirm it, but as first reported by Degrassi Nation, it looks like Paige and some other cast members will make at least one guest appearance during season 10.  Lauren Collins informed Degrassi Nation that she is open to coming back for Season 9, thus telling us that she is more than willing to returning the show. When asked if Lauren would come back for season 9, she sent Degrassi Nation a tweet:

“sadly no. no plans to return for season 9 but never say never!”

It was good to get a tweet from Paige Michalchuk, one of my favorite characters in the show, who needs to come back to bring closure between the Marco-Paige situation that happened during Degrassi Goes Hollywood. And i know a certain interesting follower that would agree with me.

Hopefully Degrassi Nation can confirm the big Season 10 news sooner rather than later, but lets keep in mind that we are in the middle of Season 9 and we still have a lot to look forward to before we can think about Season 10.  As we all know Degrassi is on Hiatus on both Teen Nick, CTV and of course Degrassi Nation TV.  Don’t worry though as Degrassiblog.com has confirmed that Degrassi will return to Teen Nick in February with a special valentines day episode. This will also be available for Canadian viewers on Degrassi Nation TV beginning at Midnight ET the same night as the airing on Teen Nick.  This means that Teen Nick will be slightly ahead of CTV in episodes as the 2010 Winter Olympics will be airing on the network throughout February and March.

Check out this weeks Degrassi Video of the week sent to me by @crystaldark

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