Degrassi Nation continues…

28 Dec

                                       Amidst some viscious “Degrassi-esque” rumors (created by myself) of Degrassi Nation becoming exstinct like the dinosaurs, those rumors will be put to rest today.

Degrassi Nation, your #1 late-breaking news source of Degrassi: The Next Generation, will not only be keeping both the Twitter and Facebook account but this site will be the newest source for EVERYTHING Degrassi.

My choice was simple–With all the support i recieve every single day, telling DN how wonderful it is to have breaking news on Degrassi, I had absolutely no choice. The Degrassi Nation Awards were a huge success; almost 2,000 followers on Twitter and many responses on Facebook has made my decision for me.

I have met some pretty cool Degrassi Nation fans in the first six months and i hope to continue that trend in the next six months. Although i am a college senior, my goal is to keep up with everything i am involved with (including Degrassi Nation). Only one more semester!

My closing thought is this: Don’t expect excellence because you can expect that from .  I just want another format for the Nation to come to and we will see how far this goes.

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